Natural Native Meals to Enjoy in Denver

Denver is reflective on the mixing pot of many cultures, and the ancient traditions and beliefs of Native Americans are one of them. Even today, Ute tribes still make their home across the Rocky Mountains, and folks still celebrate their family trees through crafts like art and cuisine. Here at Alexan Julian, you can easily savor the best flavors of Native American tribes from the comfort of our luxury apartments, so you’re never short on variety in your kitchen.

Tocabe is a local restaurant that’s family-owned since 2008, featuring a menu that is full of Native American tradition and flavor. It’s located just under a mile away from our upcoming luxury apartments, so you can simply drive up to pick up a to-go order in five minutes or less, or you can order delivery to be sent right to your front door. Their top menu choice is their specialty bison ribs, cured for twenty-four hours and braised in bison stock, and then glazed with berry barbeque sauce for a combination of sweet and savory. They also feature great options like the Indian taco, stuffed fry bread, melting pot salad, and medicine wheel nachos, each with its own selection of proteins ranging from vegetarian beans to braised bison. Top your meal with one of their homemade sauces, including a pumpkin and sunflower seed mix or hot tomatoes with roasted jalapeno and habanero. Finally, don’t forget to ask about their rotating beer selection or to try one of their craft sodas.

Dine with a splash of Native American tradition here at Alexan Julian. Visit Tocabe, An American Indian Eatery in Denver for your next meal and follow our luxury apartments as we prepare to open soon.