Blend History with Haute in Denver

The comforts within our luxury apartments at Alexan Julian don’t just extend to our homes. In fact, our great location within uptown Denver puts you close to hundreds of shopping districts, restaurants, nature trails, and even theme parks. Whether you’re part of a family unit, or you and your friends are looking for fun, your possibilities are endless.

Larimer Square in Downtown Denver

Larimer Square is the oldest part of Denver, and it has since been made Denver’s first historic district in 1971. It’s a popular destination for tourists, shoppers, fine diners, and adventure enthusiasts alike. Best of all, it’s only three miles away from our luxury apartments, so you can stop by with a fifteen-minute drive.

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Today there are twenty unique stores for you to explore, ranging from classic apparel and accessories to niche home décor and antiques. Pamper man’s best friend in the pet-friendly Dog Savvy Boutique, gear up for your next winter trip to the Rockies at Mammut’s, and grab the most iconic vinyl at Larimer Records Café.

Delightful Luxury Dining 

Another iconic staple of Larimer Square is the large selection of fine dining restaurants: there are seventeen eateries total, ranging from casual sit-downs like Ghost Coffee and Bubu Asian Fusion to full-attire reserved tables such as the Capital Grill and Rioja. 

Find the best of Denver’s culture right here at Alexan Julian. Check out Larimer Square and our Denver luxury apartments this weekend.