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"The apartment finishes are excellent and the building is in a good location but the prices and hidden fees are getting out of control. These fees need to be built into the base rent."
"Thankful to live here. People are nice and respectful, common areas are clean, and staff are friendly/ helpful. Feels more like a community than just an apartment complex. Maintenance is quick to respond to requests. The gyms is fantastic. Great overall, thank you Alexan Julian."
"It’s been my favorite apartment I’ve lived in in Denver! It’s great :) amenities are awesome and the staff and residents are so friendly. I’ve had zero issues"
"This place has such a great community and the building is by far the cleanest and most modern one I’ve ever lived in. Also it doesn’t hurt there is free coffee ;)"
"Please buy more chairs for the pool this summer. There is room for at least 10 more recliner chairs around the pool. The chairs fill up by noon every day in the summer. All the chairs filled up by 2 pm this past Saturday (in April!). A couple of chairs broke last season and those do not seem to be replaced. No one sits in the round bed chairs under the shaded area either. It would be nice to get rid of half those beds and replace that space with more chairs. Please make the pool amenity more accessible and enjoyable for your residents. Thank you!"
"Alexan Julian is a great place to live. We love all the amenities, including the rooftop and pool area, as well as the neighborhood. The staff are so friendly and professional and hold great events. Shoutout to Anita for being a fantastic staff member!"
"We resigned for a third year! Love the neighborhood and the building provides us with everything that’s needed to make us happy! Everything from the gym to being nestled between Tennyson and Highland square."
"The heat in the building is too high and uncomfortable to workout in the gym. I enjoy all the monthly events that are planned and how the building is kept very clean."
"The building is in a great neighborhood / good location and the units have nice finishings. Not sure it is worth the increases in cost and hidden fees."
"Truly one of the best complexes I’ve lived in! Staff is amazing and the property is located in a great neighborhood of the city! Been living there for two years and plan to stay"
"Love the community, great amenities and every common space is always kept clean and in good condition. Units are spacious and modern, staff is always very helpful."
"Alexan Julian is truly the nicest apartment building I’ve ever lived in. The apartments themselves are beautiful and the amenities are very modern—I especially love the hot tub and rooftop area. On top of that, every staff member is incredibly friendly and helpful. I have made so many friends here and feel right at home in this community. I’d recommend it to anyone!"
"Living at Alexan Julian is perfect for our lifestyle. Being nestled between Tennyson Square and Highland Square gives you the best choices of restaurants and bars. We also enjoy the quiet walks around the neighborhood!!"
"The staff are responsive and friendly. Had a travel hold up over the holidays, and they were available to help out without hesitation. Deeply grateful for their dedication and flexibility. :)"
"I have had the pleasure of living at the Alexan Julian since February 2021. A few things that make this a wonderful home: great neighborhood, friendly neighbors, great amenities, and friendly staff to name a few. I really take advantage of having an amazing roof top deck, and the hot tub (The Pool during the summer too), and the yoga room - which is hard to find in apartment living. I did resign my lease for another year due to my experience living at the Alexan Julian!"
"The upkeep of the property is not very well taken care of from the trash area to the carpet in the halls to the area outside if there was more effort put in to take care of the little things and a little TLC the property could be decent."
"I love my apartment and the common spaces. My biggest issues is with the level of service residents receive, especially at the price we pay. Front desk staff is very slow to respond. The gym is often not stocked with wipes. Trash does not always get picked up even though we are forced to pay $25/month for trash pick up. I would rather just take my trash to the dumpster instead of paying extra. The last utility bill was released the day after it was due."
"Love the community. Since moving in we have met a bunch of cool people in the building and have enjoyed the building's amenities. Additionally, any issues we have had have been resolved quickly."
"I really enjoy living at Alexan Julian. Anita was super helpful with the move in process. All the amenities are kept super clean and maintenance responds very promptly."
"Overall it is a good apartment building. I was one of the first residents and experienced the changes in management over time. It is a decent place to live if you can afford the price, hidden fees, and costs."
"Amazing building, great amenities, professional staff. The view from the rooftop is top notch but the hot tub is the best part, it changed my life."
"Gorgeous modern building with great aesthetics. The common spaces are always spotless, staff is friendly and helpful, and there are rarely issues within the apartment or building. Everything runs smoothly and is brand new."
"Living at Alexan Julian has been a comforting and exciting time in our lives. We have the neighborhood vibe while still a reach away from the city. Being located between Tennyson and Highland is also amazing since there’s always something to do!"
"I love living at Alexan Julian. Great amenities, friendly staff, modern furnishings, and lovely neighbors! I also particularly love the neighborhood"
"Everyone is so helpful and kind, property is kept clean and maintained. Every request I have is acknowledged within a timely matter. Love it here!!"
"Nice quite neighborhood, more of a safer area, rooftop deck that over looks the West Highlands neighborhood with great views of the city and the mountains."
"Alexan Julian is an awesome building with friendly residents and great amenities. If you're moving from out of state or don't know many people in the Denver area, it's a great place to move and make friends."
"Really clean and beautiful place to live! The amenities are great and the staff is very accommodating and friendly. Also, incredibly close to 32nd Street, which is a plus!"
"I’ve been at the Alexan Julian for nearly 18 months and have very little to say that is critical. Nice neighborhood, nice people, inconsistent elevators."
"I have had a great experience so far! The staff have been incredible helpful and accommodating as I move in. All communication is timely and transparent."
"I have had some noise, maintenance, and internet issues since moving in, but, it is a great location and the apartments have nice finishings."
"Front desk very helpful! Made our moving in process nice and easy. The apartment itself and building is beautiful. The gym and pool are in great condition and kept very clean."
"So far it has been amazing. Anita was very helpful with coordinating move in and the apartment is everything we hoped it would be. Excited to get to know the area better."
"From applying to moving in, everything has been so simple and easy to follow. Anita was really helpful and made us feel super welcome. Really excited to be here!"
"Great! Communication is sometimes delayed or tricky, but overall it’s an excellent community and I love it! The amenities are outstanding, everyone is super friendly, and the location can’t be beat!"
"Living here provides the perfect atmosphere for those who want to hit the social scene, or for those who want to enjoy a neighborhood culture."
"We love our apartment room and the gym. The location is nice. The elevators can really be a pain in the evening when everyone is getting off work or heading outside. Too bad the building doesn't have a 3rd elevator."
"We’re having a great time at Alexan Julian. The amenities are great, apartments are beautiful, and the staff is so nice. Special shout-out to Anita for being so friendly, helpful, and making us feel at home!"
"Everything has been so great living here! The leasing process was easy and move in was easy because we were able to reserve the elevator. All the amenities are clean and in great condition, and all of the common spaces are super well kept!"
"Love the experience at Alexan Julian. Staff is responsive to emails/requests, residents are open and friendly, and always a good boy/girl wagging its tail on the elevator rides. 🐶"
"Awesome apartment, ton of amenities, social living spaces. I love the apartment resident events as well. The best are the wine wednesdays on the rooftop."
"Love our unit still. Would be great if some window washers came (I’ve asked for this in my three other reviews). Community electricity is ridiculous there is no explanation into the charges and they randomly double. For the electric we pay the pool should at least be warm."
"We've loved joining the Alexan Julian Community. Everyone is so friendly and the amenities are amazing! Walking down to the lobby to get a coffee in the morning is one of our favorite routines!"
"Overall amazing experience! The staff is super nice, the location is incredible, and the property is absolutely beautiful with lots of amenities. However, after speaking with other residents i discovered i am paying double what others are paying for parking, and my spot is in front of a grate that does not protect my car from the elements at all, which was not disclosed to me when selecting a parking spot. The lot is incredibly convenient, but the spaces in front of the grate should be better protected from the elements, especially when paying twice as much per month than some residents for the parking spot. I understand this was likely some sort of “new build discount” but it is still quite disappointing to find out."
"The Alexan has great amenities and neighborhood. The staff is good too. The noise levels are difficult though. Thin wall and poor construction between floors."
"Disappointed on the up keep of the community. I feel more needs be done to keep this community looking fresh and neefs to be better maintained."
"Move-in experience was a breeze. Anita, community assistant manager, did everything possible to make everything seamless and welcoming. Great location. Well maintained apartments. So far, would highly recommend!"
"It would be helpful if someone worked on Sundays. We moved in on Saturday and nobody was there to answer our questions until mid Monday. (Mostly referring to internet and other random move in questions)"
"We love it here. Only wish it wasn’t so expensive, but being a short-term lease, it’s kind of expected. It would be nice if the hot tub was open later, too! But overall we love all the amenities, how dog friendly it is, & the mountain views from our balcony."
"Staff has been so amazing and accommodating and always there when I need assistance. Super friendly, host fun events that lets us meet other residents. They do a great job of bringing people together!"
"Best place to live in the West Highlands!! Very walkable to restaurants, bars and local shops on 32nd and Tennyson. Interiors and amenities are top notch."
"Still loving my time at Alexian Julian! I would say the biggest perk is the gym (this is coming from someone who doesn't like working out). It has everything from cardio so free weights and it really has helped me stay in shape for pool season! The staff is always helpful and I have never had any issues."
"Apartment and amenities are nice but ceilings are paper thin. The maintenance team is great and so is the front desk staff. Never had a problem and great service. Only issue is the ceilings."
"Great apartment community! Friendly staff, clean facilities, respectful neighbors. Units are well designed and have great appliances as well"
"Amenities have been great and so have the people working in the building. It’s been a pleasure walking through the halls knowing things are being tended to on a daily basis. I can’t wait to it it lose the pool more I’m the summer!"
"A big fan of this new, modern and clean building. My boyfriend and I very much enjoy the amenities and the easy accessibility to them. Never any issues with the provided appliances or apartment in general."
"Moving to the Alexan Julian is one of the best decisions I've made. As someone who works from home full-time, I love that I have multiple options to work on the roof, business center, or my own home as the noise level is never too much to jump on a Zoom or call."
"We have loved living here! Great location and amenities! Staff is super responsive and helpful. Our apartment has really felt like a beautiful home."
"As with any new apartment building and shared living space, there are going to be things to some hiccups but what sets the Alexan Julian apart is how they approach concerns with careful attention and consideration. All of the new building kinks have been worked out and it is a well-managed, clean, safe place to live with wonderful amenities in a great location."
"I like the location of Alexan Julian and the staff. My only issues would be the noises I experience everyday. Banging noises are constantly coming from the F45 gym below and I’m always hearing my upstairs neighbor stomping around day and night. It would also be nice to have my sound insulation on the apartment doors, you can clearly hear the conversations people have in the hallways. Overall, I love the design and location of the building and the staff have always been kind to me. The noises are the only problem I’ve experienced."
"Great spot!!! Love the neighborhood and the amenities the apartment has to offer. Really great pool area and gym. Nice and quiet as well!!!!"
"All in all my year living at the Alexan Julian. I love my apartment and made it my little nest. I haven’t had many maintenance issues, and when there are they are handled in a timely manner. This is like every other communal living space where you do hear the tenants above you… I believe the best practices with noise is to go to the tenant and address with them! Maybe you will make a new friend! I also want to mention the staff here has done an amazing job holding events and help to foster great friendships"
"Great apartment walking distance to 32nd and Tennyson. The roof deck has great views of the mountains and downtown Denver, and the pool is hidden from the parking lot."
"Amenities are amazing but I wish the gym would quiet down! The “security” is absolute bs they literally come and sit in their car half the time and don’t walk around they just “patrol” in their car. Sidewalks could be shoveled/salted better."
"I really like living here! The staff is wonderful. The units are nice, they feel bright and spacious, and the common spaces are really well done."
"I like the neighborhood however the car chargers are priced too high, they should not charge by the hour. Instead the car chargers should charge the cost of electricity allowing for full EV’s to charge fully without worry of overcharging. Many cars take longer than 4 hours to charge. 4 hours is currently the amount of time the Alexan Julian only charges a fixed rate for electricity. After 4 hours the chargers switch to an hourly rate PLUS cost of electricity."
"Overall great experience aside from the issues with packages being stolen and storage units and cars being broken into. Amenities are great and staff is professional and friendly."
"The more detailed feedback survey includes more information. My rating would be higher if partial points were allowed. If this allowed decimals, for example, I would’ve selected 4.2"
"I've lived out in Denver for about 6 years now,and this is by far the best community I have lived in. The staff is always helpful, the amenities are fantastic, and there is always a cute dog to pet!"
"We love living here! The staff members are always friendly and helpful when we need them. Maintenance is prompt in their responses/actions as well."
"Love living here with the exception of the noise and occasional messes in the hallways! My upstairs neighbor is incredibly loud at night and despite my attempts to speak to them directly and talk to the front desk, nothing has changed. There are also lots of messes in the hallways."
"I love the neighborhood as well as the building itself. Perfect location for walking about to local shops and bars. The building itself is very clean and the amenities are top notch!!"
"I'm enjoying my space but I feel that there could be better up keep of the trash room smell on the 1st floor hall can be very strong at times."
"Been here a year and I love the neighborhood, other residents, staff, and community! So happy my partner and I choose to move to the West Highlands."
"Beautiful and modern aesthetics throughout the community spaces and each unit. I genuinely enjoy the convenience of being a resident here (in-unit laundry, valet trash, assigned parking, etc)."
"Everyone has been welcoming and so kind. Made the moving process painless. Highly recommend this complex for any future residents. Convenience of all local spots, good views, and apartments look as though they are brand new"
"Highly recommend living at Alexan Julian! Great amenities, always super clean and the staff is always very helpful! Also such a fun neighborhood to live in!"
"I enjoy the building and location but wish the amenities like the pool and roof were open earlier/later. I do appreciate the event and wine downs."
"Living at Alexan Julian has exceeded my expectations. The amenities are fantastic, the staff is responsive to needs, and the residents are friendly."
"Tons of great amenities, staff is always friendly and helpful. Location of the property is a great residential area that is 5 minutes from downtown and 20 minutes from the mountains"
"It's a good place to start out a life in Denver. Being a new building there are some kinks to figure out but the maintenance staff is on top of it."
"It’s been great! I love all of the resident events. It makes it easy to meet people. The building is very clean and the whole building definitely fits the aesthetic of the neighborhood."
"Great staff, great location, amazing amenities. Parking can be a bit tough, but they offer on-site parking which is very convenient. Lots of shopping and food near by."
"It would be great if the elevators were more reliable, understood reservations for move-ins but it seems like one or both elevators go down and need repairs every week. Otherwise, love this building and neighborhood."
"This place is fantastic - been living here for 6 months or so but very happy so far. The team in the leasing office were quick to respond, happy to answer questions, and gave a thorough tour. They were great! The building has been quick to address any move-in maintenance issues to date and communicate any building-wise updates. The building is quiet but filled with friendly people. There are events for all of the residents - plus great amenities."
"Car charger is illegally priced. Should be the cost of electricity. Most cars can’t be charged within 4 hours. Otherwise, I enjoy the location and the privacy."
"Very well kept place with helpful staff. Haven’t had any real issues in security or safety living in this area. Parking in the garage for a second vehicle is outrageously priced though, I wish it was alittle lower considering the cost of living here as is."
"Love living here! Super great people, very convenient location! I can walk over to Tennyson Square and Highland square in a matter of minutes and the amenities are great for hosting people!"
"A great, safe place to live! Everything is always kept clean and the amenities are great! Any time I have an issue, it is usually resolved very quickly as well."
"I really do like what I have done with the inside my apartment it's cozy. I enjoy the neighborhood, everything is so close by and alot of my favorite places are in walking distance. I've been here 7 months and for the most part it is quite and chill."
"Extraordinarily helpful, friendly and professional leasing and management team! Beautifully kept complex with real community feel with spacious apartment layouts."
"I have loved living here! The neighborhood is great feels like you’re out of the city but then you’re so close to everything. They just opened an F45 at the ground level and that has been a lot of fun."
"Beautiful building with great amenities! Love the gym and pool and finishes in my spacious apartment. Staff is responsive and helpful and location can’t be beat!"
"So far, I love this building! It smells good, feels good and looks good! Everyone that’s visited loves it so much too! The staff is so friendly and helpful. I’m happy to call this place home. :)"
"Great place so far! MIchaela and the entire team are very responsive, friendly and professional. Residents are friendly and respectful as well."
"Moving in was a breeze and the leasing office staff have helped with any questions or minor issues that have arisen. Glad I chose this as my new home. :)"
"We toured a ton of apartments and none of them compared to the amenities and amount of space the Alexan Julian has. Also in such a great location!"
"Overall very positive. The location and amenities are what caught my eye, the community within the building is why I decided to go for it. Everyone is friendly and understanding, which goes a long way!"
"Its ok, bathroom sink is leaking, toilet tank is cracked, water dispenser is not working, it was painful to connect to thermostat due to firewall settings, elevator takes ages to come. besides those i like it so far."
"Move in was very easy and staff has been extremely friendly. Facilities are great and the parking garage is super convenient. The 6th floor roof deck has great views."
"I have been a resident at the Alexan Julian since February 2021. I have had the pleasure to see the community build to 90%+ . I love the sense of community the Julian offers. All of my neighbors are wonderful and are willing to help out if needed. We have a lot of fun living here...taking advantage of the pool, grill, and beautifully flower filled rooftop deck. I have a real sense of feeling the Julian is my home."
"Overall a good experience. The maintenance staff is great. There are some kinks to a new building. The elevators are a real issue. They are extremely slow or broken. The hidden fees are a real bummer."
"So far everything has been incredible. From the email correspondence with Michaela to my arrival I am super excited. The building looks amazing and the gym is fantastic. I am super excited to live here."
"Living at the Alexan Julian has been nothing but fantastic. I feel incredibly at home knowing that I am fully taken care of my the leasing and maintenance team. They are very quick to reply and always looking out for residents!"
"Love this community ! Wonderfully fresh and modern, and situated in the best location. I love our pool and rooftop. The staff is super great."
"The apartment is well maintained, beautiful, in the best location, and I love the amenities! Everything is kept very clean and I love nice touches like the awesome coffee/espresso maker in the lobby and printers for residents. Would highly recommend Alexan Julian!"
"Love the apartment! Super spacious and great view. Love that it’s dog friendly and close to lots of great work out places and restaurants. Gorgeous neighborhood."
"This complex is in a fantastic location close to a lot of food and all the essentials. Even the hallways in the complex are beautiful. Really great place, and super nice staff."
"Incredible on-boarding and move-in experience! Set-up my home and storage unit. Got rid of most of the garbage. The Alexan Julian staff was terrific! Looking forward to our “second” move-in, when our Uhaul shipments arrive."
"My over all impressions of the Alexan Julian has been positive. I enjoy the community events and my neighbors. Save for some awkward conversations with maintenance and other staff- living at the community has been wonderful."
"I've been here almost 2 weeks and love the building! It's luxurious, quiet, and with all the amenities you could want. The staff including maintenance is very friendly and professional. Super happy with my choice to lease here."
"Apartment was extremely clean when I moved in. The front desk staff was super helpful with the move in process, and all the residents have been so friendly / helpful!"
"Still a great place to live as time goes on! I am an older resident and probably skew the demographics but I am very happy here. Residents seem respectful of each other and there is a positive vibe going on! Staff are outstanding."
"My overall experience is good. The rent is a little high but the amenities are good. It has a lot to offer. Many residents are friendly. It is well kept and clean."
"I love the location and the management at Alexan Julian, everyone is very responsive and the amenities and outside areas are always kept clean!"
"Living at Alexan Julian has been great so far! The building has awesome amenities and I love that it's eco-friendly. The staff is very friendly and responsive."
"I've have loved living at the Alexan Julian! The community is great, the dogs are cute, and the coffee is delicious. What more could you want!?"
"So far so good! We love the location being so close to places like Sloan’s Lake and The Highlands. Seems like the few issues we had initially have all been resolved, so thank you for that!"
"So far our experience living here has been wonderful. The apartments are beautifully designed with functional floor plan layouts. , Everyone we have met has been super friendly. The pool is great! There are always a ton of people using it and it gets great sun all day! At first we were a little worried we’d feel too far away from downtown, but the location is actually perfect! We are walking distance from a lot of great restaurants on Tennyson and 32nd streets and a short drive to highlands and downtown. The neighborhood is quiet and safe as well."
"Really loving the community, amenities, and of course the apartment rooms! Would definitely recommend to anyone. The front desk staff is great as well!"
"Live that it’s a new building, even with the growing pains like the finekey elevator. Friendly tenets. Great views on the south side of the building."
"Moved in here last week from Boise, Idaho and I really didn't know what to expect. A tad nervous for the journey that is ahead of me but as soon as I arrived at Alexan Julian my fears were abolished, Felt very welcomed, lots to do, and the people are great!"
"I have had a wonderful experience at Alexan Julian so far. This place is the best! The amenities are all fantastic and the appliances in the apartment complex are all top notch. The gym is the defining feature, with an actual squat rack. Overall, I love the size and space the apartment offers."
"Very nice staff, amazing amenities, and unbeatable location! Being nestled between Tennyson and Highland Square provides quick and fun experiences, and the city is only a five min drive if anything!"
"Building and space are really awesome, staff is super helpful all the time. There is a ton of stuff to do (food, bars, etc) just at the edge of walking range, though does seem like the immediate neighborhood is slowly adding more things."
"So far I have loved living here. The staff is all so accommodating and I love the updated feel of all the apartments. My dog and I sit on my patio as much as we can and enjoy the neighborhood vibe this location provides. It's also close to so much walkable things."
"It's been great living here for the last 4 months. Highly recommend. Great amenities, shops, bars and restaurants close by. Gym and roof deck are great too."
"The staff is super helpful always and the amenities are amazing. They also have fun resident events that allow you to meet your neighbors, which is a great perk in a new building"
"Everyone has been very helpful with my move in. It was very quick and easy. I’ve enjoyed getting a espresso in the morning from the cafe machine and working out in the fitness center."
"Everything is great except I can hear footsteps from upstairs, and it will be better if we can have a code or we can unlock the door for the delivery person."
"Wonderful except the noise from the fitness center! Living across from the fitness center is my biggest regret because the sound of weights dropping makes my apartment SHAKE."
"I feel that the community up keep could be better the elevators, trash area, garage and other parts of the community could be better taken care of."
"It is so wonderful to finally live in an environment that has very nice amenities …. you can tell there was a lot of thought put into the planning. I also feel the staff and management is exceptional and are willing to go out of their way to help. Since I have moved into the Alexan Julian my anxiety, health, and over all quality of life has improved tremendously."
"Happy to find a place to settle in but the building isn't worth the price. Would consider paying this for a location more walkable / not on a busy street."
"Overall a very beautiful complex. Friendly neighbors, management staff is responsive and amenities are very nice. One drawback is that the slamming of doors can be disruptive."
"This place has been so great so far. Everyone I have met has been so friendly. In addition the staff is very responsive and always super helpful. Great first place to live in Denver"
"Great location- we really love being so close to Tennyson and 32nd Avenue. The staff has been lovely and the amenities are wonderful. Only complaints I would have would be the noise level from the floor above and the fact that it takes a VERY long time to get the water to heat up."
"Dog friendly community dog wash is awesome, spaces are nicely laid out, I really like the kitchen in my apartment. Building is pretty quiet with nice gym."
"So far so great! Amazing staff! however, I feel the quality of materials used within units is a bit cheap because things scratch easily and some of the flooring is coming up. So I definitely believe rent is too expensive for what you get in unit."
"The view from the rooftop is incredible. The neighborhood is great - Sprouts is right down the road, there are tons of restaurants on 32nd and more on Tennyson. There's also great coffee and shopping in both neighborhoods. The staff is wonderful. This is a brand new construction which comes with lots of details. The team here is working to make sure everything is perfect and everyone is happy. There are a lot of community events to participate in."
"We love living at Alexan Julian! We moved in about a month ago and we've had a great experience so far. Everyone working here is so responsive and friendly! Our apartment is beautiful and it really feels like home."
"Coming up on two weeks and we are in love with the Alexan Julian. Erica & Michaela have been incredible resources for us and from the first day we inquired about a unit, to signing the lease and checking in. Erica even helped us unload and move in... on a Sunday evening! Safe to say we are over the moon with our decision to call this place our home. Cheers Jared + Tannor."
"Erica and her staff are friendly and helpful. I had a maintenance call to fix a light and it was done promptly and the maintenance person called to make sure it was completed. My experience was positive and I would recommend the building and staff to anyone I know looking for a quality place to live!"
"I like the community as well as the residents. I have found a few things off, but overall, I would recommend living At Alexan Julian. The gym is excellent, and I appreciate the dog-friendly attitude of the building."
"Great experience in our first month here! Staff is amazing! They are so helpful and on top of everything. Building is safe and beautiful, it feels like living in a hotel!"
"Settling in very well. I feel like there is a good sense of community in the building. Management is doing a great job! Very approachable and helpful when questions or concerns arise."
"So far, all is going so well! I have been working with Michaela who has been wonderful to work with and has helped me immensely, though Michael and Anthony are also great. My apartment feels like home and the building and amenities are outstanding. So happy to be here!"
"Our move-in experience has been great. Michaela and Erica have made us feel very welcome and facilitated our cross-country move. We appreciate their hard work!"
"The experience has been great!! Leasing staff is the best I've ever worked with, and the amenities are kept clean and in great condition. My only complaint would be that the ceilings are quite thin, which I didn't know upon move-in. I can hear my neighbor walking around, playing his music, etc. But other than this, only great things to say!!"
"Great place to call home! The location could not be better. I was searching for a walkable location and I definitely found it at Alexan Julian."