S4 studio/one bath floorplan - Luxury Studio Apartments in Denver

Luxury Studio Apartments in Denver

A studio apartment offers infinite opportunities for home. Their open space means you have more freedom to arrange your furniture however you please, perfect for those who live flexible lifestyles and prefer life in the fast lane. So when you’re looking for luxury studio luxury apartments in Denver, look no further than Alexan Julian. Here you will find every luxury apartment home filled with fantastic amenities, so you’re never left wanting within your comfort zone.

S4: Studio/One Bath in Denver

The S4 studio/one bath floorplan brings together the right mix of class and comfort. It features 592 square feet of living space, perfect for young professionals looking for some breathing room while living in the heart of Denver. The S4 is the peak of hassle-free living.

Luxury Studio with Living Space to Spare 

The comfortable layout gives you plenty of options to keep your home organized. The large walk-in closet across the bedroom, for example, lets you sort out your outfits and gear however you like. The built-in bookshelves in the bedroom nook, in the meantime, are perfect for setting up small home offices or arranging your music and film collections.

Impressive Luxury Apartment Amenities

The open-concept kitchen lets you cook hundreds of recipes with ease, thanks to the generous pantries and modern features. Kick back and enjoy some downtime in the large living room, big enough for all your hobbies. Finally, use the washer and dryer set in the utility closet to make laundry day a breeze.

Find superior luxury studio apartments in Denver to call home here at Alexan Julian. Contact us today to take a closer look at our S4 luxury apartment studios in Denver.